Finding Your Freedom

February 29, 2016

Freedom is a powerful word that may mean something different to each one of us. As your catalyst for freedom, what does freedom mean at Burst Consulting?

1. Freedom to take a real vacation because you have established a healthy culture of accountability

2. Freedom to let others make important decisions since trust has been established

3. Freedom to scale your business and delegate to others (stop being a bottleneck!) because you have hired the right people in the right positions

4. Freedom to have choices for your company because you have sufficient cash flow

5. Freedom to execute on long-term strategy because you have predictable revenue

6. Freedom to think, plan, act and reflect (working on the business, not just in the business) because you understand the difference between strategic thinking and execution planning

7. Freedom to embrace leadership development because you understand the importance to out-learn and out-think your competition

8. Freedom to communicate openly because you’ve established frequent and meaningful feedback rhythms

9. Freedom to have fun while you work because everyone in the company knows whether or not they had a good week or month in terms of productivity and culture

10. Freedom to not fear hiring mistakes because you know how to spot “C” Players in the hiring process

What does freedom mean to you? Do you desire these same freedoms in your professional or personal life? If so, I’d enjoy starting a conversation to see how we can work together toward your freedom.