Embracing Change Starts Within

November 22, 2015

I’m excited to announce the successful launch of the Burst Consulting rebrand. You will notice I didn’t say launch completion. True to the nature of a strong company, I don’t believe the growth process is ever fully complete. Your brand, just like your own experiences and roles, should always be growing. Just as I have evolved in my career through my years as CEO to my more recent years as a Gazelles-certified coach, it was time for my brand to do the same.  It was also a great opportunity for me to look back on how far Burst Consulting has come and focus on the why. 

By applying the same tools and techniques that I challenge my clients with every day, my brand exploration was an insightful and powerful driving force during this rebrand. Through this process and insight from current clients, I realized Burst Consulting did more than just propel growth. The value of my services started much earlier by first igniting the desire to change, starting with honest evaluation. Once we work through each of the four pillars of success (People, Strategy, Accountability, Cash Flow), I am able give them the confidence and tools to implement meaningful, positive change. Propelling change is what I can help with, but most importantly, it is the lasting change that takes place and has a permanent impact. Success for me is giving my clients the freedom to finally operate in and realize true success, which brings me to my new tagline: 

Burst Consulting is your catalyst for freedom. 

In addition to an updated brand strategy and messaging, some of you may also notice the new logo and website. For both current and potential clients, my focus was to distill down the key messages, core values and services to make easier for all to get the information they need. 

I hope you enjoy the new website. On a monthly basis, I plan to share new content that is meaningful and impactful for you. If there’s a topic or question you have in mind, I’d very much appreciate your input.